modern style interior trim

Adding trim to your home is an easy way to add flair to your interior design. It can help bridge eras and tie together different styles in a way that is unique to your own taste. There are many different types of trim available, but determining which one is right for your project depends on your tastes and the style of your home.

The basic elements of interior trim include a baseboard, crown molding, chair rail, window casing, and door casing. These elements are used to tie the room together, as well as help keep the design in place. Trim is also used to fill in gaps between walls and floors. For instance, a high wall can be filled in with a high wainscotting, and a narrow ledge can be used to hold a house plant.

Many modern homes use flat, simple baseboards. They can be as simple as a quarter round or as intricate as a custom design. A large majority of homes have at least two-and-a-half inch casings on their doors. However, if your door is more than two inches wide, you may want to consider using a wider molding. Larger moldings can make windows look larger and more proportional to the rest of the room.

Crown molding is an angled piece of trim that covers the corner between a wall and ceiling. It can come in a variety of different profiles, and requires mitered corners. You can choose to buy unfinished crown molding that can be stained or painted. Some styles are more formal than others, though. If you are looking for a more informal touch, choose a more subtle profile.

Window casings are pieces of molding that can be put around your windows. This type of trim usually varies in size, depending on how big your windows are. Doors can also have a casing, which hides the framing.

Interior door trim is a simple and affordable way to give your home a new look. The trim itself is available in a number of styles, including a brown finish and a white finish. To install it, you will need to caulk the door frame and add a cap. Your doors and windows will expand and contract during hot weather, so you will need to make sure the trim will stay in place.

Homeowners looking to remodel their existing homes should be sure to match the trim on their current home with the trim on the new house. If they want to upgrade their trim, they should be sure to get a few estimates before committing to a purchase.

One of the more popular trends in home remodeling is the use of natural wood trim. Whether you choose to install new or use the old, adding natural wood to your home is a great way to bring the look of the outdoors inside. Natural wood looks especially good with white. Using a darker, more rich wood for your trim will balance the look of a white wainscotting and white window.