Choosing a Kitchen Drawer Organizer

kitchen drawer organizer

A well-organized kitchen isn’t complete without a way to corral those tiny items, from knife scales and fork tines to the collection of miscellaneous cooking supplies. Drawer dividers are the best tool for the job, says PEOPLE commerce writer Katie Melynn, who rounded up these options that are right-sized to fit most drawers and can hold everything from long tools to stacked flatware. First, empty out the contents of the drawer and sort through, setting aside duplicates and anything that isn’t used regularly for donation or another purpose (the perfect time to start a new donation bin, perhaps). Then it’s time to fill in the gaps with these customizable organizers.

The most important aspect of choosing a kitchen drawer organizer is making sure it’s the right size for your space, says Lowenheim. That’s why it’s best to shop around and compare sizes before you settle on a product. Then, you can “play Tetris with the dividers,” she adds, arranging them to fit your needs as your cooking or baking evolve over time.

Most drawer organizers come in multiple widths and heights — usually in 3” increments — so you can create squares or rectangles based on the placement of the internal dividers. It’s also important to think about the material of your choice, notes Lowenheim. Plastic is a good option because it’s easy to clean and can be wiped down, but bamboo has an aesthetic appeal and is more durable for a busy drawer. Plus, it looks more like a built-in solution and fits into most drawers better than some plastic options.

One of our favorite picks is this reversible drawer organizer from Madesmart, which can be used in most drawers and holds various sizes of flatware and kitchen tools. It’s made from a hard, durable plastic that’s dishwasher safe and clear, so you can always see what’s inside. Plus, the trays can be stacked to optimize any extra vertical space.

This organizer from OXO is another affordable and effective option. It has a handful of pleasing color options and a nonskid base, and it can be expanded to fit most drawers. It’s a great choice for storing utensils because it has the ratio of short and long storage compartments that most people need, according to Lowenheim. It’s also simple to move from drawer to drawer and rearrange as needed. It’s not ideal for storing taller items, though, or for holding stacked utensils. And although it is dishwasher safe, it’s probably not a good idea to run it through a lot of cycles since it’s likely to get quite dirty.