We often give a lot of thought to the latest paint colors, kitchen designs, and garden trends, but what about furniture? From small accent chairs nestled into cozy bedroom nooks to oversized sofas that make a grand statement, new furniture can re-energize any space. If you’re looking to refresh your home in 2023, check out these must-have furniture trends.

1. Texture: Embrace the Nubby Look

Velvet’s comeback from fashion is spilling over into furniture design. This luxe fabric is ideal for sofas, throw pillows, and accent chairs in a variety of hues. Look for bold pops of color in violet, cobalt, mustard, emerald, or fuchsia for an eye-catching look.

2. Cool Cocooning: The Squishy Sofa Trend

Comfort is king in 2019 and that’s good news for anyone looking to revamp their living room or den. “There’s been a shift in what customers are seeking — it’s less about elegance and more about comfort,” says James Mair, founder of Viaduct. Expect squishy seating with plush cushions and curvy shapes that are designed to be just as much to lounge in as they are to sit on.

3. Natural Pairings

Using two different types of natural materials to create a contrast of texture is on-trend. Expect to see more dining tables with wood tops paired with quartzite, for example. You may also see rattan woven with wood for a fresh twist on a classic chair style.

4. Terrazzo Prints: Go Bold

Another furniture trend that reflects the broader interior design movement toward maximalism is the use of geometric patterns in seating, beds, and accents. “Palazzo prints are a fun way to bring a bold pop of color into your space,” says Mackenzie Collier Interiors designer Karen Rohr. The pattern, which features a series of concentric circles, is an easy way to add visual interest without overwhelming a room.

5. Soft Fabric Upholstery: Wrap Me Up

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, there’s nothing like sinking into a cozy sofa with plush upholstery that wraps around you. That’s why upholstered furniture is another big trend in 2023. “There’s a desire for more comfort and warmth in people’s homes,” says Mackenzie Collier Interiors interior designer Aleem Kassam. “This is why you’re seeing a resurgence of upholstered pieces.”

6. Geometric Shapes: Make an Impression

Geometric shapes are making their way into everything from home decor to tableware, including the latest furniture trends. You’ll likely see geometric elements in the form of a statement pendant or an eye-catching headboard. Look for swoon-worthy shapes like hexagons, arches, honeycombs, or intricate tessellations on furniture such as side tables, chairs, and cabinets.

7. Outside-the-Box Pieces

If you’re not afraid to take a risk on color, try a unique, eye-catching piece that will act as a focal point in your room. “People are not afraid to be more out of the box in their color choices,” says Weeth. “This is especially true for those who want to add an asymmetrical table or bench to their design.”